What is Share A Personal Trainer?

Echuca share a personal trainer is a fun 1hr early morning body weight fitness training program. It is an energetic way to lose fat, get fitter and stronger and stay connected and accountable to a fitness community.

Where is it?

Training is at the Echuca Basketball Centre Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am and 7am

How does it Work?

It is group fitness, so you get to meet friends, make friends, socialise and of course WORK HARD. You may find yourself working with a partner, in a group or individually to improve on your past times or repetitions for an exercise or a whole work out.

The morning runs like this:

  1. 10 -15min warm up and mobility drills to prepare the body for exercise, aiming to prepare joints and muscles by putting them through full range of motion mobility drills prior to the higher demand exercise training session
  2. 30 – 40min of indoor and often outdoor bodyweight resistance training intervals for time or repetitions plus hard running, sprinting, step ups, skipping or walking if the afore mentioned are unsuitable for your current physical fitness condition

What type of Exercises will you do?


Dependent on your ability you will do some or all of the following:

  • Walking => Skipping => Jogging => Running => Sprinting
  • Time trials & beep tests, suicide’s and shuttle runs
  • Modified pushups => Full Body Pushups => T-Rotations => Spiderman => Grasshopper => Round the world => 1 arm push ups => Handstand Pushups
  • Squats => Prisoner Squats => Overhead Squats => Frog Squats => Single leg Squats
  • Lunges => Stationary => alternating leg => walking => around the clock => backwards => plyometric / jumpng split squats
  • Stair climbs,  Sprint Repeats & Suicides + time trials
  • Side bridges, bird dogs, dead bugs, plank, supine hip extensions
  • Supermans, pull ups, Sea Turtles
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Skipping

A combination of the above exercise are usually put together in a workout and completed for maximum rounds or total rounds completed for time

What if I’m not very fit?


Every exercise is modifiable, that is it can be made easier or harder.

You will need to complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire prior to commencing training. This allows me to guage your level of fitness and assess any injuries or other conditions that could be made worse by inappropriate exercise presctiption for you at this point in time

We also need to perform a movement screen to check your statements are correct in regard to injury or pain (or lack of it) stated.

To get to the point, if you are not very fit, you would start with walking and floor based core strength and stability exercises that are slow in movement and build strength, balance, stability and confidence to move to more advanced and rapid movements.

How much does it cost?

Once you have decided you are ready to commit to training, the membership is $20 per week = $10per session x2/wk

Will I lose weight?


Exercise doesnt work for me, nothing I have tried before has worked for me!

You will definately lose weight IF you change to a slow carbohydrate diet and a low carbohydrate diet and increase your protein intake as well as fat! Yes that is right, increasing fat intake will help IF you limit* sugary and startchy carbohydrate intake.

(*By limit, I mean practically eliminate)

A low and slow carbohydrate diet is a low GI dietary lifestyle (for life). This means choosing smaller portions of starchy carbohydrates that are of low glyceamic property (i.e.  raise blood sugar slowly and to a lower extent).

Very quickly, maintaining normal blood sugar levels means lower insulin levels which means high rate of fat burning.

Elevated blood sugar = elevated insulin = near impossiblity to burn fat = bad.

If you don’t follow the above approach, you may lose weight and cm’s if you work hard at training and have not been training in the recent past.  You will get fitter, feel better for having exercised and had fun with friends, de-stressed, and improved your blood lipids and sugars to some extent but not as much as you would on a low and slow carbohydrate approach.

Body composition changes are achieved 90% by nutrition changes – long term – for life i.e. lifestyle and not a diet.

You choose, I can help and support you.

How do I get Started?


There are a couple of options:

  1. Phone, text or email me here
  2. Just turn up and be prepared to complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) form and take part in some or all of the activity dependent on your fitness
  3. Complete the “Get a Free Week of Fitness” form at the right hand side of the screen and you will receive and email from me with a PAR-Q form for you to complete at home. Once completed, phone me and we can discuss where you are best suited to start training